Why do I care so much about helping you

Because at my core, I strongly believe you are uniquely designed and have much to give to this world through your skills, talents, and abilities – both in work and life. There's only ONE you and the world needs your contributions!

Hi, I'm Courtney Raecker and I am blessed because you are here.

My deep-seeded passion is to help you live your life to the fullest and in the most meaningful way!

I wholeheartedly believe your life and work can feel more joy-filled, purposeful, and meaningful than it may feel at this moment because I've been there. 

Doing work that is misaligned with my core, stuck feeling paralyzed and disengaged.

Feeling overwhelmed and floundering while launching my new business.

Knowing that my work wasn't sustainable as it was without creating the systems and flexibility I needed for my family around the values we hold so dear to us.

My core and life journey thus far ...

I've loved helping people, just like you, for as far back in my life as I can remember.

Through my life journey thus far, I've discovered that my True North Career (unique design + values) is when I'm helping you transform your life and work so that you can genuinely say you are living a joy-filled, purposeful, and meaningful life. I'm at my best when I'm connecting you to other people in a meaningful way and to high-impact resources that positively transform your life. I'm in my zone when I hear your need, we co-create your strategic solution together, and then we link that solution to your laser-focused action plan – all in a practical and results-driven way.


Then and now [on a personal note] ...

2011 was a game changing year for me and my husband. That year, we abruptly lost his mom to a rare, aggressive form of cancer and welcomed our first son into the world – a roller coaster year. As hard as that year was for us, it was the RESET or CATALYST we needed to change the way we were living life. We were taking our lives for granted – thinking days and opportunities were endless. This much needed RESET, opened our eyes to how precious our time on earth is, how each day counts, and tomorrow will be one less day left to live a joy-filled, purposeful, and meaningful life. 

Me on top of Mt. Bierstadt, 14,065 ft (4,287 m), one of Colorado's many beautiful 14ers.

Me on top of Mt. Bierstadt, 14,065 ft (4,287 m), one of Colorado's many beautiful 14ers.

It's taken a whole lot of soul-searching, prayer, and effort to get to where I am today, but I can authentically and confidently say that I am 100% aligned with my True North Career. It feels a whole lot more fulfilling and satisfying than what it used to feel like.






My desire ...

It's my desire to support you in your journey of living out your "True North" – in work and life – so that you and your family can live life to the fullest and in the most meaningful way!

        Let me help you GET UNSTUCK.

        Are you feeling ...

        • NEAR BURN OUT?
        • OUT OF TOUCH?

        I would, personally, like to offer you a 30-minute complimentary "Get UNSTUCK" Call. During this brainstorming session, we will start by discussing what work challenges are keeping you up at night, share new insights and tips that you can start using right away, and start to co-create solutions (high-level strategy + laser-focused plan). You will leave this call spring-boarded forward toward achieving your goals.


        My favorite life blessings ...

        • My relationship with God is my #1 priority in life. I can't imagine living life without my faith in Him and His guidance. I've become dependent on His divine "nudges" and "promptings" when making life and work decisions – big and small.
        • My family is extremely important to me. My vision for FlexBiz – the online business startup consulting services we offer – came from our own family's need to find a way to live out our "True North" in a more joy-filled, purposeful, and meaningful way. We want our values to be at the core of how we live life, make decisions, and work. We also want our business to be able to bend without breaking and be flexible enough to grow with our evolving needs.
        • My husband is my soul mate, best friend, and adventure buddy who is one of the most engaged fathers I know. Every day he shows me what servant leadership looks like. {Remind me to tell you my "God in the Details" story about how we met}.
        • Our two boys are amazing strong-willed spirits. They bring us joy each and every day – in big and small ways. {Remind me to tell you my "God in the Details" story about how we named our kids}. 
        • I love the outdoors. Colorado is our home and we are extremely passionate about recreating in God's creation. My favorite activities include hiking, skiing, camping, trail running, backpacking, and rock climbing.
        • Our "Team Raecker" family is on a journey of simplified living. {Remind me to tell you my "God in the Details" story about our house flood that changed everything}. 
        Our family motto is ... 
        "Less is More." 
        Less stress, more joy.
        Less busyness, more margin. 
        Less stuff, more quality time with family and friends.
        Less talking, more listening.
        Less reactive, more proactive.


        My professional experience and educational background ...

        • Expert in business and career planning strategies and tactics
        • Provide trusted advisor relationship with all clients
        • Proven track record of success through strong leadership, strategic thinking, resourcefulness, and innovative problem solving skills
        • 14+ years experience in management consulting industry, specifically talent management
        • Served over 400+ businesses, from local small business to global Fortune 500 size companies, across wide range of industries
        • M.B.A. in Strategy and Entrepreneurship
        • B.S. in Psychology

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