Job Searching: Best & Worst Times

Did you know there is an annual hiring cycle many companies follow that mirrors the typical school calendar? When students are in school, hiring is higher. When students are out of school (on breaks and vacations), hiring goes down.


The optimal time to find a new job is when the timing is right for you and your employment situation. Much time and energy is needed for a successful job search. These are only trends to consider that can help optimize your search.

It is best to start your job search at least one month earlier than these peak times so that you are well positioned to jump on open opportunities!



Why? Many companies (with December fiscal year-ends) have finalized their new annual budgets and many start hiring for new positions in the 1st Quarter. This is also typically around bonus time so companies expect some employees to leave jobs at this time.


Why? Many decision makers are coming back from summer vacations. This is the "final push" time to fill any remaining open positions before year-end when they can lose their head count for unfilled positions.


Why? There is still momentum from the beginning of the year that goes until school gets out in late May.


#1: JUNE - AUGUST (summer months)

Why? Many key decision makers go on vacations throughout the summer slowing the decision hiring process. Also by mid-year, many of the positions have been filled already. EXCEPTION: Recent college grads applying for more entry-level positions.


Why? Once the holidays hit, decision makers are on vacation and also distracted by achieving year-end objectives, finalizing budgets for the next year, conducting performance reviews, etc.

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