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Layers of an Onion

Layers of an Onion

Now, some things just need to be changed!

For example, are you ...

  • in a work situation that isn't sustainable? 

  • in a toxic or harmful environment?

  • doing work that is opposite of your wiring?

  • at home full-time with the kids, feeling the pull to incorporate work back into your life somehow?

Like so many things, there are layers of a situation that need to be examined.

Think of it like an onion. Getting to the whole core intact, means peeling off each layer at a time.

Feeling Stuck?

Feeling Stuck?

Do you feel like the person in this car? 

STUCK behind all this traffic – en route to climb that amazing mountain in the sunset that seems so far away.

In your work + life, are you STUCK feeling ...

  • Frustrated and fearing failure?

  • Overwhelmed and floundering?

  • Near burn out?

  • Lost?

You don't have to stay STUCK.

In a Transition?

In a Transition?

Encouragement for those of you going through a transition right now in your work + life ...

These transitional times feel like an emotional roller coaster while you are in them, but in the rear view mirror, they are blessings in disguise that lead to bigger and better things for you when it comes to more aligned work and alignment in your life.

Each transition is one step closer to experiencing more joy, purpose, and meaning in your work + life.