Snapshots of Client Success

Client success is extremely important to us. The following are snapshots of what our clients are saying about their experience working with us: 

My True North Coach is an energetic, and passionate career coach that wants so badly to help people succeed. Her brain naturally pieces things together without her even trying, which is why she is such an amazing career coach. She can take the bits and pieces that her clients provide and create a career map for them that aligns with their true values and passions. She also has so much experience in the industry that she knows what will and won’t work. She doesn’t set lofty goals for her clients that are unattainable. My True North Coach also motivates and pushes her clients to get everything they ever wanted! She helped me believe in myself enough to go after my dream job, and now I have it! 
— Nina K. (Job Seeker, True North Assessment™ & Career Coaching Client)
Working with my True North Coach has been a pleasure. She is personable, a visionary, and a thought leader. I have gained so much clarity and focus in my new business. As a result, I’m able to move my web design and digital marketing business forward with confidence.
— Michelle S. (Freelancer, True North Assessment™ & FlexBiz™ Client)
Working with my True North Coach was exactly what I needed in my business at that time. Stuck in inactivity due to not knowing what direction my business would take was very stressful. I was creating services trying to find what I enjoyed doing, but found myself not working in my element. The assessment was very detailed and the results were mind blowing. My True North Coach was able to see strengths that I never registered; therefore, I was able to change my services to match my strengths, target audience and abilities. I find more joy in what I do now. I would totally recommend taking the assessment if you feel like something is missing in your business. You may find your True North.
— Kristin A. (Entrepreneur, True North Assessment™ & FlexBiz™ Client)
Before working with my True North Coach, I felt stuck. Figuring out my next career step after a layoff was an overwhelming process and I didn’t have a good plan to move forward. That’s what True North provided: a roadmap helping me to define my skills and values and how to apply them in a time of transition. My True North Coach helped me focus my efforts and showed me how my unique skills and interests translated into a career that would fit who I am designed to be. She also provided support, encouragement and accountability — instilling a renewed confidence — while helping transform both my mindset and heart through the process. True North Careers, with their tailored experiences and enthusiastic coaches, provided meaningful solutions to the biggest challenges I faced during my job search.
— Josh B., (Job Seeker, True North Assessment™ & Career Coaching Client)
I worked with my True North Coach to help me define if I wanted to stay in a regular job or start my own business. Before working with her, I was very frustrated and overwhelmed with others telling me “just do what you love or you are passionate about.” Those words didn’t help define specifically what makes me tick. I had tried other means to figure out my job path and was more confused than ever. My True North Coach guided me through the True North Assessment experience and then provided me with the Clarity Map to define what drives me and what I value in a career and life. She asked in-depth, probing questions to bring out what’s deep in my soul. After working with my True North Coach, I feel more confident in knowing who I am and what direction I need to go to make an impact in the world!
— Kristy K. (Job Seeker + Entrepreneur, True North Assessment™, FlexBiz™ & Career Coaching Client)
I can absolutely say that the move I made to my new company, with my True North Coach’s help, was a major leap in my career.
— Josh A. (Job Seeker, True North Assessment™ & Career Coaching Client)
I worked with my True North Coach through the True North Assessment Experience. From it, I was able to clearly map out my skills and abilities. She also helped me understand my need to be intentional in planning out the timing of my business. Setting that clear standard allowed me to plug my work into my life, not having my work control my life! My True North Coach is an amazing strategist. She tackles things from a organized and very professional manner that will help you see a clear path to reach your goals.
— Sarah T. (Entrepreneur, True North Assessment™ & FlexBiz™ Client)
Working with True North Careers was vital to the success of my recent career change. My True North Coach had great insights that helped me identify my strengths, core values, and interests and then align them to specific careers. After I followed True North’s clear strategies and techniques, I was offered an interview for every position for which I applied. With great one-on-one conversations and True North’s toolboxes of helpful resources, my True North Coach helped me find open positions, create a resume that attracted attention, prepare for interviews, and negotiate my salary and benefits. I felt so much more confident, prepared, and ready to make a career move. I’m now in a position that strongly aligns with my current and future personal and professional goals and have more peace, confidence, energy and joy in my work. I’d highly recommend working with TrueNorth Careers!
— Katherine H. (Job Seeker, True North Assessment™ & Career Coaching Client)
My True North Coach brought everything together from all my different jobs, made it all fit together perfectly - which allowed me to sound so great! She showed me how to properly research for jobs, helped me prepare for interviews by sharing commonly asked questions, how to handle difficult questions, and how to negotiate salary. My True North Coach helped make me feel that I truly had something to offer and feel comfortable pursuing a career even after 17 years of not going through this process. I am truly grateful to her. 
— Mary G. (Job Seeker, True North Assessment™ & Career Coaching Client)
My True North Coach is an extremely effective and inspiring career coach. She helped me overcome challenges in defining and communicating my transition from nurse to newly graduated nurse practitioner. I was given great insight and tools to work with for each phase of the process, and felt extremely well prepared and confident in executing a search campaign. I can’t think of anyone I would recommend more highly for those changing their career direction, presently in transition or preparing for a search.
— Ginger L. (Job Seeker, Career Coaching Client)

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