True North's Community Standards


Last Updated: September 2018

Welcome to the True North Community hosted by Courtney Raecker and True North Careers™

Welcome to this engaging and growing intentional living community!

There’s only ONE YOU and the world needs your contributions!

  • Do you want more resources to help you live more intentionally in work + life?

  • Are you looking for encouragement and connection with other GO-GETTERS – striving to live more intentionally?

  • Do you want to intentionally DESIGN your work so that it's flexible and molds around your life + values?

Come join our "True North" family and grow with us.

The purpose of this community is to give you tools, resources, and encouragement to:

  • Focus on being your best self

  • Live more intentionally

  • Find more joy, purpose, and meaning – in your work, business, and life

  • Get more work/life balance

  • Save time – since TIME is limited

Here’s are some free gifts for you:

  1. Take our FREE True North Core Values Assessment™.

  2. Watch our Video Podcast Episodes that aim to give you tangible ways to live more intentionally in work + life.

We are so blessed to have you in this ENGAGING and COMMITTED community!

We are looking forward to SERVING and SUPPORTING you!

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When Are Promos ALLOWED?

Promos are allowed ONLY on DEDICATED Promo Day THREADS – which are Saturday “Tell us about your work” and Thursday “Share a Favorite Blog” Posts.

When you promote your business on these allowed threads, you will get the best engagement if you LEAD WITH VALUE AND SERVING FIRST as opposed to a more "spamming approach". 

On your DEDICATED Promo Day THREAD posts: Do not include any videos/livestreams or free calls. 

**If you see someone asking for help, you are welcome to post links to your related and value-add content within the comments of a thread.**

When Are Promos NOT ALLOWED?

Outside of the above allowed parameters, NO promos are allowed. You will be removed, without warning, if you post promos or links outside of the Dedicated Promo Day Threads. We will also be deleting anything that is branded as your business, including graphics, links, etc. So NO links, videos/livestreams, offers, free calls, self-seeking polls, or watermarked images allowed. 

Private Messaging (PMing) members, without their permission, is NOT allowed. Please ask public permission from them on the thread or you will be removed with no warning.

What is considered a PROMO?

  1. Shared posts from your personal / business related pages or groups

  2. Links to your website or any other social media links

  3. Call and response posts

  4. Private PM’ing people (without permission) and soliciting them

  5. Blog posts in the newsfeed (those include links) as we have designated days in which you can share your blogs

  6. Free calls

  7. Self-seeking polls (unless they are purely market research driven)