A Special Invitation for You ...

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Are you feeling …

  • Exhausted, frustrated, and misaligned with work + life?

  • Engulfed by life’s current demands of you and your time?

  • Like it’s taken your focus away from the things that are MOST important to you?

If this is you, we’d like to invite you to take this FREE assessment.

Your core values play out in your work and life experience, impacting you and those around you greatly.

Living more intentionally – in alignment with your core values – feels much more fulfilling and satisfying than living outside of your core values. When you are living this out, your life and work feel more joy-filled, purposeful, and meaningful.

What are Your True North Core Values™?

Your True North Core Values™ are the specific values related to family, life, and work that make up your core values.

Once you gain clarity on these, they become part of your internal compass that navigates you through your life and work landscape in a way that truly honors who you are. They become guiding principles for how you make decisions – both big and small.

What is thIS Assessment?

A FREE tool to help you think through what values are most important to you and some reflective questions to help you dream, prepare, and plan for the future (work + life).

Work + life feel most fulfilling when they are “proactively” molded around your unique design, values, and needs – as opposed to “falling reactively” into work + life which often leads to exhaustion, frustration, misalignment, etc.

What's in the Assessment?

This assessment is made up of 2 exercises that have the goal of helping you uncover what you specifically value in your family, life, and work. As you progress through this mini-assessment, you will likely have some new “Ah-Ha Moments” as well as some “Reaffirms What I Already Know Moments”. Both of these moments mean you are on the right track!


Upon completion of your free assessment, you will be emailed a copy of your top values and answers.

You will also receive your key themes from a True North Coach (complimentary):

  1. Core Values Themes 30-minute Call

  2. Core Values Themes via Voxer (a Walkie Talkie app)


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Schedule your 30-minute complimentary call.

During this brainstorming session, we will start by discussing why you are feeling stuck, share new insights and tips that you can start using right away, and start to identify solutions together. You will leave the call spring-boarded forward toward achieving your goals.

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