Welcome to “Stories from a True North Journey”, a new "life story" series that we've created – just for you.

In this series, you’ll hear snapshot stories from True North Community Members and Guests who are focused on and committed to living more intentionally in their work + life. Inspiration for your own True North Journey!

Each interview will be about 30 minutes with the goal of providing high value while honoring your time.

We will be:

  • Going behind the scenes of what prompted their desire to make changes in their life
  • Highlighting specific choices they've made (big + small) to reflect their new focus
  • Uncovering the challenges they've faced in the process
  • Celebrating the blessings / lessons learned along the way

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Episode 01: Alexandra Maffett

Alexandra is a Northern born, Southern loving bubble of energy and optimism. She lives in Auburn, AL with her Husband and 2 dogs. You can often find her hiking, baking, and listening to the Dave Ramsey show.


Dany and Lesley live in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with their two daughters. After meeting and falling in love at the “End of the World" (Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina), all signs were leading Dany to eventually leave his home country and make the move to Lesley’s home state of Colorado.

Dany opened and built a successful brewery (Upslope Brewing Company) while Lesley was teaching and going to grad school. After having kids Lesley began to stay home with their daughters and they have since started a software business. They have continued to work on building a fulfilling lifestyle - spending time with friends and family, traveling and enjoying all the beauty and adventures that Colorado has to offer.

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