Clarity Coaching: 
True North Assessment™ Experience

for Job Seekers, Freelancers & Entrepreneurs


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DO YOU ...

  • Need support gaining more clarity and confidence in how you add value through your work?

  • Need help clearly articulating the value you bring to those you serve and what sets you apart over your competition?





We'd like to invite you to experience the True North Assessment™. It's an absolute game changer to how you approach work and live life. 

At our core, we strongly believe you are uniquely designed and have so much to give to this world through your unique talents and values – in work and life. There's only ONE you and the world needs your contributions!


What is the True North Assessment

It is a robust, transformational experience where you will discover and get crystal clear and confident on your True North Career™– the specific work or business that is 100% aligned with your unique design and values. Your "True North" will become your internal compass that navigates you through your work landscape in a way that truly honors who you are and it supports your personal mission. Your internal compass will become the basis for how you make work, business, and life related decisions and the "voice" of your personal and business brand. The "driving force" behind all that you do – in work and life.

Work is such a large part of your life experience and it impacts you and those around you greatly. 

Whether you are an employee, freelancer, or entrepreneur, work that is 100% aligned with your "True North" feels much more fulfilling and satisfying than work that is not. When you are living this out, your life and work feel more joy-filled, purposeful, and meaningful.

Want more details? Check out True North Assessment™ Experience FAQs.

We are passionate about helping you
live your life to the fullest and in the most meaningful way!

We would be honored to serve and support you
in your journey of discovering and living out
your "True North" – in work and life!

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True North Assessment™ Experience

Do you need help discovering your "True North" (your unique design + values) so that you can clearly articulate the value you bring and what sets you apart over your competition?

Are you looking for laser-focused support, accountability, and encouragement – from an experienced guide – to get you there faster? Then this "Done With You" experience is for you.  

This transformational, laser-focused experience includes: 

  • Identifying Your "True North" (Your Unique Design + Values)

    • Completing Online True North Assessment™

    • Conducting Assessment Result Session with Your True North Coach

    • Discussing Clarity Map™ – snapshot of your unique design, values, value you bring, and what sets you apart

    • Deliverables:

      • True North Assessment™ (online tool)

      • 45-minute Assessment Result Session (via video)

      • Clarity Map™

  • Clarity Map™ Infusion Planning

    • Planning High-Level Next Steps to infuse your "True North" into your work and life

    • Deliverables:

      • 30-minute Planning Session (phone)

      • High-Level Next Step Plan (laser-focused, practical, and results-driven)

  • Unlimited Email & Voxer Access to Your True North Coach

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Discover Your True North: Self-Paced Guide

For a DIY "Do It Yourself" version of the robust True North Assessment™ Experience mentioned above, be sure to check out our Discover Your True North: Self-Paced Guide.

Skip a couple Starbucks coffees this month so you can experience more joy, purpose, and meaning – in work and life!

$17 USD is an inexpensive price to invest in yourself and your future.


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We would like to offer you a 30-minute complimentary "Get UNSTUCK" Call. During this brainstorming session, we will start by discussing why you are feeling stuck, share new insights and tips that you can start using right away, and start to identify solutions together. You will leave the call spring-boarded forward toward achieving your goals.

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